The Enigma of Kevina’s Elixir – A Novel


 Slightly futuristic cyber-thriller and the discovery of longevity

KEYWORDS: Longevity, youthfulness, cyber-terrorism, the Pyramids, the Middle East, Software virus, Air crash.


It is midway through the 21st century.

Dr Kevina Paul, the oldest person in the world dies at the age of 137. Who was she and what was the secret to her unique combination of longevity and good health? A journalist (the narrator of the story), in looking for the answers to these questions from her life, realizes that Kevina’s life experiences were diverse and spanned across many lands and people and he ultimately finds some of the answers.

A senior executive for a high tech multi-national corporation based in Toronto, Canada, Kevina  is a renowned authority in global aviation systems.  During the course of her duties in a far-away land she uncovers a complex cyber-terror plot. The global airspace management system is threatened with disruptions with huge  safety implications. Kevina with help of a colleague prevents the potential catastrophe from occurring and in so doing she prevents an associated national coup. She and her colleague escape from the country to safety.

Her escape takes her to another world, and survival from an air crash when her inner spirituality is awakened to discover the fountain of eternal youthfulness and longevity buried within herself.

 She goes on to live longer than any human being in recorded history.      

The author draws upon his background in aviation to ensure that the basic plot is within the ‘believability envelope’ while stretching the boundaries of plausibility ever so slightly.


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