It is midway through the 21st century.
Dr Kevina Paul, the oldest person in the world dies at the age of 137. Who was she? What was the secret to her unique combination of longevity and good health?
A journalist (the narrator of the story), in looking for the answers to these questions from her life, realizes that Kevina’s life experiences were diverse and spanned across many lands and people and he ultimately finds some of the answers.
Kevina, as a senior executive for a high tech multi-national corporation based in Toronto, Canada, was a renowned authority in global aviation systems. During the course of her duties in a far-away land she uncovered a complex cyber-terror and thwarts the launch of a cyber-attack. The global airspace management system would have been threatened with disruptions, caused by the cyber-attack, with international safety implications. Kevina with help of a colleague prevented the potential catastrophe from occurring and in so doing, she and her colleague prevented an associated national coup. She and her colleague then escaped from the country to safety.
Her escape took her to another world and during her survival from an air crash she discovered the fountain of youthfulness and longevity buried deep within herself. She went on to live longer than any human did in recorded history.
The author draws upon his background in aviation and his research in longevity to layout the story plot. He tried to remain within the believability envelope while stretching the boundaries of plausibility ever so slightly.
The Enigma of Her Longevity – A Novella

About the author: Moe Vyas
Moe Vyas is currently an aviation systems, operations and training consultant to companies in North America, Europe and Asia.
He has been in the aviation field, specialized in air traffic management technologies, airspace design and operations management; for over forty years working in increasingly senior positions in the Government of Canada and in Canadian private industry.
He was an air traffic controller, private pilot (with Canadian Air Traffic Controller License and a Canadian Private Pilot’s License (both now expired) and a software programmer – he studied computer science and accounting at various colleges and universities in Canada. Widely traveled, an avid reader, now a self-published author. He is a fitness enthusiast. He is a public speaker.


The Enigma of Her Longevity
Masterfully crafted by M. Vyas, an Air Traffic Management specialist, ‘The Enigma of Her Longevity’ is about as unique and genre-bending as any novel could be. This thought-provoking adventure shines the spotlight on the potential of cyber-attacks, the fascinating world of global aviation systems and one woman who transcends it all with secrets to true longevity. But they are exactly that…secrets…_ Since its release, several readers have left extremely positive reviews. One reader comments, “M. Vyas clearly demonstrates that he has an expert knowledge of aviation systems and gives us basic insights into aviation systems implementations on a global scale. This story is woven by three threads, the evolution of the global aviation systems and the international political dramas in adopting these systems, The rare dignity of the heroine Kevina in helping the client countries to move in the direction of modern technology and safety, included are the reflection on the new age threat of cyber terrorism. Finally there is the human aspect of relationships between Kevina and her husband Nigel which gives a realistic narration of emotional ups and downs which most of us experience during lifetime but are hesitant to record. Progressively as Kevina grows older and more introspective and she becomes a living reincarnation, reinforcing the philosophy of positive thinking and enlightenment (akin to Buddhist precepts), a secret to her longevity.”
Another says: For those of us who wonder what the future may be like, this book is a must – as unlike science fiction, it creates a realistic future world where increasingly more complex cyber terrorism prevail, brilliant women and men who have mastered extraordinary expertise and experiences operate effectively across geographic and political boundaries and along the way they wrestle with
real human relationship matters. And all of this in a world where they are beneficiaries of increased longevity. Yet another: Simply fantastic- The author is a master of building a suspense in a futuristic world of diverse cultures and surprising allies where complex electronic terrorism prevails and the characters meet the challenges of the new world head-on while at the same time, struggling with ordinary family matters. To buy ‘The Enigma of Her Longevity’, from iUniverse, visit any of the following websites:
About the Author: Mahendra (Moe) Vyas / / +1 6475461944
Vyas has over the past five decades worked with the Government of Canada and Canadian and the US industry as an aviation systems expert specialized in air traffic management systems. Currently he works as an International Aviation Consultant with several European and North American companies which provide air traffic and airspace management technologies to clients worldwide.
He had qualified as an air traffic controller, private pilot and studies computer science and management accounting in Ontario.
He lives in Greater Toronto Area, Canada; enjoys tennis and squash and working out.
Currently he is promoting his book THE ENIGMA OF HER LONGEVITY and writing a seqel.
For more information, see the book’s official website: and
2015 September 12th